wedding palki in Delhi

Looking to finish off a grand wedding with a traditional Bidai ceremony. You can find a variety of wedding Palki in Delhi on Get wedding planner Inc.
Traditionally, Palki was used to carry the newly wedded bride after the wedding ceremony to the groom’s house. The bride was veiled from the world and carried safely and cozily in a Palki. This tradition is extinct now, but the Palki lives on. Now, it is seen as an accessory to a grand Indian wedding. No bidai is complete without a beautiful and fancy Palki to carry the bride to the groom’s car.
So, it would be a sin to plan a wedding in Delhi without a wedding Palki. However, finding a wedding Palki in Delhi is the equivalent of belling a cat. A lot of qurdtions come to your mind like whom should you contact for a wedding Palki in Delhi? What type of Palki should you prefer? What colour would go well with the decorations? etcetera.
But don’t flutter because we’re here with the answers to all your questions.
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You can register for our service and choose from all the different varieties of wedding Palki. We will also guide you through the type and colour available for selection. Also, we’ll answer any other queries you may have related to wedding planning.
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