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The wedding is the day when everyone wants to be the best looking in his/her whole life. The brides are usually the center of attraction in a wedding and to look great she has to get a makeup artist to get ready in the most efficient way in both time and money concerns.  Most brides hire professional makeup artists for their weddings and at times these makeup artists can cost you a ton, so you might be looking for the best one in your price bracket so you can get the best look with the allowance you have on the expenditure side.

But choosing the best one is also a tough decision and hence in order to make this decision of your kind of easy, we will help you with 5 tips which will let you choose a makeup artist easily.

See the techniques the artist use to compliment you

You might be skilled with a different set of techniques to get complimented on a date or in a party but when it comes to your wedding day you have to get the best one and the best makeup artist comes with her year long experience and will help you look fresh and mesmerizing day long. You must look if the artist has all the tools and proper equipment to help you get ready. You must also see some of the previous portfolios and reviews of the people who got ready by the artist.

Get a Trial with the artist

When you buy a car you usually try it for a few KMs so you get to know how cool you will look while driving it, and same goes for almost everything you buy to use. You must get a Makeup artist for you around a month back decided, and after it you must once go and have a trial for your wedding day, although most of the artists do charge for the same, it will be a nice investment to get a demo so you can judge if he/she is the one you will need to do the makeup on your wedding day.

Choose the one you follow and love the art

Usually, girls have a habit of following different makeup artists, so you must be looking at different pictures and portfolio of the person from quite long. If you follow the makeup artist you know their level of perfection and you must have analyzed their perfection from quite long.

Book as you get one

You don’t want the makeup artist to get busy somewhere else while you were busy to compare with others, you must straightaway book the artist as soon as you are satisfied with his/her work. Usually, in wedding seasons makeup artists have a tight schedule and hence you must have a backup in case the one you choose is busy.

Never skimp on Budget

If you are going to have a full bridal makeup then you must understand the amount of perfection, the amount of hard work the makeup artist will have to do. You must be ready to spend above 15,000 on a Full Bridal makeup and it can even extend to least of 30,000 INR.

These are some of the tips which you must keep in mind when you are out to choose the best makeup artist for your wedding day.

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