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Wedding is one of the most special days for a couple. The planning starts way before the ceremony. Even if everything goes on to be perfect a large part of your wedding being a success depends on the food you offer. Some couples get lucky and get the best Wedding Catering Services with the venue of their wedding but some fall short of this luck. Some of the wedding venues have some good catering services to refer to but you still have to make the entire deal happen.

Tips to solve your problem

This article is written to help you a little to find the catering service that suits you the best.

  • Know the caterers– you need to know the caterers’ full detail. He should have a license to serve; many venues need it to allow the caterer to work on their property. Their charges should also be enquired well, whether they charge on the basis of no. Of waiters and what is the number that you should look forward to. Check for any hidden charges that might pop up in the end of the deal.
  • Beverages- it is completely dependent on your budget. Many people wish that their guests leave the wedding in high spirits. You can explore the packages they offer. You can even go for a paid counter of are low on budget. Enquire about the packages they have and whether the wait staff will also act as bartender.
  • Get multiple proposals- never sit back and relax waiting for one caterer. Check for the prices they charge. This gives you theme reference to compare from. It is not necessary that you will get what you wish for in one caterer but still you can go for your maximum matches.
  • Enquire about linens and dinnerware- if the venue does not provides you with the table, chairs and linen ask your caterer if it does. Most do or are in partnership with a company that does. It is an important part and getting it clear will help you sort things easily.
  • Pay attention to their communication – although food is the key to judge any caterer. Also consider evaluating their communication style. How they treat their clients is also one of the key factors. If you do not feel comfortable in communicating with people you eventually will pay, consider cutting them off your list. Always remember there is always a next option, so do not settle for anything that does not feels right.
  • Always read testimonials – there is never a better thing than the words of experienced people. Always go for testimonials of people who took service from the caterers you are about to choose.

With almost everything under control you can get rid of the fooding tension. There are amazing options for wedding catering in Delhi so you need not worry if you do not get satisfied with one option. Keep looking until you find the perfect one, it is your day, so don’t settle for anything average.

3 thoughts on “Tips to Choose Best Wedding Catering Service?”

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  2. Thank you for the tips on choosing the best catering services for weddings. My wedding is in four months and we’ve been stressing around upon looking the best caterer we could possibly hire. Your tip about getting multiple proposals is great! It’s a brilliant idea to get multiple catering companies to choose and compare from; compare their dishes and prices offered, it’ll get a lot easier to decide on.

  3. I like your tip to see if the catering company you use offers things like linens or chairs if the venue doesn’t have them. My sister is getting married soon and I am helping her plan it as her maid-of-honor. Since the venue she picked out does not give you things like linens, I will be sure to make sure that the catering company we hire does.

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