Birthday party with soft toys and cotton ball games could be a hit! But the same theme will not work for a six-year-old child as well. Here, we are bringing you some methods by which you can make your party joyful by following age guide, regarding your child’s birthday. Read the narrative below!

1)    Age 1

The first birthday of your child really special as it completes one of-of parent’s to be in parenthood. More to that, it is the first time they celebrate the birthday of their firstborn so they try to make it extra-special. Here are some advice on dos and don’ts which parents should follow.

  • As it is the first birthday, you need to keep your child with you every time as he/she may get overwhelmed with the big crowd.
  • Make sure you invite little babies too with adults; this can make your baby feel camaraderies. You can take help of any good Birthday Party Organisers in Noida. Don’t include any games because children of such young age do not need them.
  • Keep it short.

2)    Age 2

  • Children of age two are very sensitive. They are very possessive about their belongings. Therefore, you need to keep these below-written things in mind.
  • Avoid using candles. It is dangerous for children.
  • Host your party at environment completely safe for children.
  • Have people to take care of children in the whole party so that they cannot go out on their own if they find doors opened.

3)    Age 3-4

This is the time when toddlers have energy. Therefore, some of the boundaries and restrictions can be removed here. Here are the tips.

Include games in which little ones do not have to wait long for their turns. (As they find it difficult)

  • Allow water activities as children of this age love creating the mess.
  • The duration of this party should be from 90 minutes to 2 hrs. But not longer than this.

4)    Age 5-8

Children of this age group know very well about parties and enjoy them in a full manner. Therefore, planning party becomes easier. Here are some suggestions that you can apply.

  • Children like secrets in this age; you can include games with hints and signals.
  • Do listen to their suggestions while planning a party.

Include games which have rules because they understand rules very well at this age.

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